Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What Can a Malware Do?

By Sanjay Sakariya

Many of my friends and students ask me the question, "What a Malware Can Do?" Or "Is it really so harmful for our computers?" I laugh at this question. They might do not have asked the question if they have faced the havoc caused by the malware. I am sharing with you the danger of a malware so that you may keep your computer safe and may enjoy hassle free computing.

The malware may it be a virus, spyware, Trojan or adware; it is much competent of capturing your sensitive information about the credit cards, your bank account information and other sensitive data stored on the hard discs of your computer. It may leave you vulnerable to phishes, cheaters and frauds. You may have to face a lot financial loss.
The malware may make expensive phone calls using your computer and you will have to pay for these call charges. It may start sending spam emails which will ruin your reputation in the online community and you will find it hard to run any online business. Sometime malware like MalwareAlarm will pop up fake security warnings to make you afraid and to keep away you from browsing the websites. These popup may demand you money to be sent to some specific company or individual.

The worst effect of malware is placing hard core porn links on your desktop. You can't keep your computer locked for your children all the time and deprive them of their favourite Webkinz. The nasty adware like zlob.PortAdvertiser may easily infect your computer and may place such links on the desktop. These porn links sometimes execute at their own leaving you helpless. You may imagine the loss. Another example of such malware is IEMonster.

The IEMonster adware may mar your browsing experience by prompting fake security warnings. It will mislead you by telling that your computer is infected and you need to buy special software to keep your computer safe. Are you ready to throw away your hard earned dollars on these scrap of software. Chances are that the same company that demands your money have created this malware to infect the computers to earn some easy money.

The pop ups by the malware much resemble the original built-in security warning box in Windows. They are created so to dupe you easily. So always be cautious before spending money on such downloads. These may not be helpful for you in anyway. They are not capable of resolving any problem and are only created to exhort money from you.

Then what should you do to keep your computer safe from such monster malware. I always suggest some authenticated popular resolution for the problem. The resolution may be in using good antivirus or good anti-malware. You should update it regularly for complete protection. Online solution is always preferred. You may find the effective online computer repair solution on Internet that may relieve the entire hassles of installing the required software, scanning your computer and removing the malware. You may continue your computing experience.
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