Saturday, 25 February 2012

Top 4 Tools Tools For Free Removal of Spyware

By Dawn Smith

Spyware is one of the most notorious threats ever to have been posed to computer systems. A number of people around the world are affected and have suffered due to this threat. The solution is simply to get spyware removed from your system and as there are a number of tools for free removal of spyware, you get a lot of choice as to which software to install.

Windows Defender

First of all, you should consider Windows Defender which is a product of Microsoft. Since Windows is a product of Microsoft and Windows is the main target of spyware malcontent, Windows Defender gains an edge over almost all other anti spyware tools. This is also one of the few stand alone anti spyware tools that comes with free real time protection and free updates. It is available only to the users of Genuine Windows and you would need to make it through the WGA check to get this tool.

SpyBot: Search and Destroy

Your second option is SpyBot: Search and Destroy. Of all the free spyware removal tools, this is the one which provides the best detection rates. At the same time, it is also one of the lightest tools and cone complete the scan at a rapid pace. This is primarily because the manner in which this tool operates is different in comparison to the manner in which other anti spyware tools operate. But, when you install this software, do read its license, you would find a cute little surprise in there.

Spyware Doctor

The third option that you have is Spyware Doctor Starter Edition . This software is brought to you by Google and is a part of Google Pack. It comes with most of the features that you would get in Spyware Doctor. Incidentally Spyware Doctor is also one of the most effective commercial anti spyware tools in the market. You only get the basic features and email based support but whatever you get with this software is really good and gets the job done really well.


AdAware from Lavasoft is another remarkable option when it comes to tools for free removal of spyware. There was a time when this was the best anti spyware tools you could have. Even now it is one of the best. AdAware has both a commercial and a free version and the free version does not come with a real time scanner but save that it features every single main feature that you can get in any anti spyware tool.

Other than this there are a number of completely free as well commercial tools with free versions. You can look for alternatives but the prize winners have been discussed here. If you want your computer to be safe, you can choose any of these tools for free removal of spyware. All of them would protect your computer from spyware threats and more.
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