Monday, 20 February 2012

3 Lies You Should Know To Save Money On Computer Repairs

By Hector Sommers Kleinn

The notion that what you do not know cannot hurt you is quite obsolete when it comes to having your computer repaired by a technician. In fact, it can really hurt you a lot financially if you are not aware of the common practices of computer technicians in order to rake some money into their vault. These are common practices by some technicians and their targets are often those that have little knowledge on computers. If you are one of the people who paid hundreds of dollars and waited for a month or so in order to have a computer repaired, you will learn a lot from this article.

Lie Number 1: It Takes Weeks to Repair a Computer

You have probably experienced being told by a technician that it would take 5 weeks to repair your damaged computer. The reality is that it only takes about a day at the most to repair a computer even if it has some major problems. What really happens is that your computer will be sitting on a corner on a shop, waiting for a technician to take notice of it and troubleshoot the computer to determine its problems.

What you can do to avoid this is inquire at a computer shop how long will it take them to repair your computer once you bring it to their store. Get assurance from the shop that your computer will be repaired on schedule. The time you waste waiting for your computer to be repair could cost you a lot of money especially if you are using the computer in running your business.

Lie Number 2: You Need to Update your Operating System and Applications

For an additional fee, a computer technician will usually tell you that you need to update your Operating System and your applications in order for your computer to run properly. While regularly updating your device drivers is really important in maintaining your computer's integrity, you do not really need to update your software and OS if you do not want to. What you need to do is to tell the technician that what you want is to simple restore your computer to what it was before it got damaged, nothing more and nothing less.

Lie Number 3: Your Computer Comes with a Warranty

This is not actually a lie but a misconception. When you purchase a computer in a shop, they will usually tell you that it comes with a warranty. If you are happy with that and you swiped your credit card and excitedly went home to assemble your brand new computer, you are in for trouble. There are many types of warranty coverage, some allow parts and services for a certain period of time and some only offer parts or services. You may be surprised when you bring in your computer for repairs at the shop where you bought it and told that the warranty does not cover repairs or that it was only valid for 2 weeks. Make sure to read and understand the warranty coverage when purchasing a computer in order to avoid this.
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